Not all weddings are the same. In fact, the most wonderful thing about weddings is that they are a unique reflection of each individual couple. One couple’s country vineyard dinner is another’s Mexican fiesta lunch, so why should a couple’s bridal registry look the same?

The Wedding Nest is a unique wedding gift registry. Our wedding gift range includes not only the registry basics, but also wedding gifts not available on other bridal registries – stunning homewares and statement furniture pieces - collated by interior design style. This is the registry for people who don't want vanilla. We work hard (and love it!) to source global pieces that are leading the way in design and work with brands that do the same. Our range is so extensive, so full of unique gifts and changes so regularly you can be sure your registry will never look the same as someone else’s.

Whether its Orson and Blake for your colour pop, Papaya for your stunning neturals or Bonnie and Neil for your signature pieces our brands aren't stocked by traditional registries and can't be found in department stores. What else makes us unique? Well the list is endless;

Our Range

1. Exclusive Brands. We have exclusivity with many boutique designer brands so you won’t find their pieces on any other registry. Artworks from Penny Farthing Design House and Ahoy Trader, ceramics from MUD Australia and Danish TineKHome.

2. Unique and Personalised Gifts. We are the only registry that offers you a one-off gift that is truly yours – whether it’s a vintage cheese board from France or juju tribal headdresses from Africa – or a piece that is personalised to you. Artist Kerri Ship will paint your bouquet or Pia from Little Land of Pia who will craft a contemporary collage that is meaningful to you.

3. Extensive Range. While other registries may offer you 20 cushions we will offer you 100. Our range is extensive so your registry doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

Our style proposition

4. Styling Services. We believe your registry should style your home. The Wedding Nest are the only registry that offers a home styling service. Our initial consultation is free of charge. We will visit your home to run through the gifts to see what items would be perfect for your style and taste to be inlcuded in your registry. Contact us for a booking and use our Interior Design background to your full advantage! 

5. Search by Style. Be inspired to style your nest with our gift range collated into four must-have styles- French, Contemporary, Eclectic and Beach.

6. Registry Lookbook. Like every other aspect of your wedding, your registry becomes an expression of your individual style to inspire your guests. We style your registry like a magazine with your dream home inspiration style photos integrated with your wedding gifts. Your guests won’t just feel like they are giving you a gift but that they are helping you create your dream home.

Our service

7. Affordable. Your registry should style your whole nest – living, dining, bedroom, bathroom and garden. High end brands are in our range only if the splurge is worth it and we always have a more affordable but just as stylish alternative. Furniture pieces are good value and larger pieces are broken into affordable contribution amounts for your guests.

8. 100% online (if you want). Unlike many of our competitors, you can create your registry completely online and your guests can buy gifts for you any time anywhere- including overseas guests (even leading department stores require guests to telephone or go in store).

9. Concept Store - We are currently re-locating our showroom, stay tuned for all the exciting details.