Nov 2016


Yes you do! But you might just not know it yet……..

At the Wedding Nest our gift range includes not only the registry basics, but also wedding gifts not available on other bridal registries – stunning homewares and statement furniture pieces – all collated by interior design style.

But for some people identifying that ‘style’ is not so easy.

So to help with this, The Wedding Nest collates our sourced pieces into four must-have style categories - French, Contemporary, Eclectic and Beach.

Still not sure which you prefer? Review the descriptions below and view each style range online by clicking on the title :

French ( – the style where less is more, and often a mix of old and new pieces. Linen is a preferred fabric and generally kept in neutral or muted tones.

Contemporary ( - uses simple clean lines, neutrals with pops of colour, open space, unadorned floors and minimal accessories, often with high impact pieces of furniture or artwork.

Eclectic ( – is all about breaking ‘the rules’! Think mismatched pieces, layered textures, and unexpected accents, but all tied together through repetition of colour and shape.

Beach ( – Whites, blues and all things natural depicts coastal style. Cotton fabrics, pale timbers, woven baskets and marine themed décor are commonly used.

And don’t forget, we love to help. So please contact us for any assistance, whether it be with selecting your style, picking certain pieces, or even styling your home…….

Oct 2016

Summer is around the corner......

With summer around the corner, this month at The Wedding Nest we are excited to be adding to our site the new collection from The Beach People - "Earth & Sea". 

The Beach People was founded in 2013 by sisters Emma and Victoria who live in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia. Their range includes not only their renowned round beach towels (yes, they were the first to bring this product to market!), but extends to beach pillows, leather carry straps, and bathroom towels now as well. 

This new collection is based on the girls favourite Australian coastal towns, and draws inspiration from each of their individual landscapes and colours. Think hues of blue and classic neutrals, all printed on 100% soft cotton. 

The range is available to view and add to your registry now - The Beach People - Earth & Sea

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Summer! 




May 2016
Texture, colour and style!


Your The Wedding Nest wedding registry is the place for your guests to shop so they can help you to create your dream home!

We love to help couples choose key pieces that will be part of their lives and make them smile for years to come. A pop of colour, some beautiful textures and a special artwork are all great pieces to start with to make your house a home. We can introduce our couples to all of the latest boutique and hand made items that small Australian designers showcase to us, so we can achieve a unique and beatiful registry, just for you! 

(image and pieces Greenhouse Interiors for The Society of Wanderers).



Apr 2016

The Minimal Scandinavian Designs

Based in Sydney, Zakkia collections draw on the Swedish heritage and love smart, simple design. They believe in celebrating innovation and working with natural materials that let the handmade beauty of their designs shine. Their unique designs continue to be featured in magazines such as Real Living, Belle, Sunday Style, and many more. 

Zakkia began from a passion for good design and with an aim to create quality products that can be enjoyed over a lifetime. Each and every beautiful product are designed in Sydney by Swedish-born Sara Lundgren and follow a clean and minimal Scandinavian design philosophy. All of the products are created to have multiple uses, and are carefully handmade from high-quality raw materials for durability.

Zakkia have chosen to work with small, family owned manufacturers in Vietnam to create their products. They like to partner with smaller studios who are specialists in their area and whose knowledge adds immense value to the quality of our products.

Each product in our range is made by hand, some are thrown on potting wheels while others are hand poured into moulds for consistency. Their range of ceramic kitchenware is hand produced in Northern Vietnam in a small ceramic village where our partners have been creating home wares for over 900 years, passing down their skills generation to generation. So in saying this, each and every Zakkia product is so unique and one of a kind! 

Check out all our beautiful Zakkia products featured online at The Wedding Nest!

Apr 2016
Farrow the giraffe


This week we have taken delivery of a stunning piece of art for one of our lucky brides! Drawn by the Australian artist Andrew Howells, this hand drawn giraffe is part of Stampede Styles 'Wild Beauties' range and is beautifully and exquisitely drawn by hand using pencil and graphite.

This piece is one of many animals captured by this very talented artist.  That is why we love to include these artworks as a unique and special gift to add to your registry.

Search our art categort to see more.




Feb 2016
Zoe at Life In Style.


The TWN team were excited to hit the trade shows last weekend and were lucky enough to be invited to private exclusive viewings too! (Zoe is pictured taking a well earned 2 minute rest!).

We are always left amazed at the gorgeous new items we see each time. Beautiful collections, style and lots of friendly faces of the designers we have come to know well sum up our trip. We are busy uploading these new finds to our site as we speak. But don't forget if you register with us we do offer a free consultation with one of our stylists who can go through all of the new pieces we have seen and help you create a unique registry just for you! 

We also found some fantastic new suppliers - so watch this space.

So exciting, we cannot wait to show you. Zoe, Jacqui & Wendy.



Oct 2015
The Wedding Nest - Gift Registry

Marry his & her style, perfectly

To say we’re all unique might be stating the obvious, but it’s true. We each have our own values, our own personality, appearance, tastes and of course style. And that unique style not only comes to life in the clothes we wear but also in our homes, which become a visual reflection of who we are, what we love and, what lights us up.

In the same way trends may influence our style, so too do the style preferences of those around us. So, what happens with the coming together of two styles through wedded bliss? Well, while online dating profiles don’t (yet) include a requirement for a styled photo of our living room, our chosen partners style (& living quarters) is important to us, because it’s a part of who they are. “What was his place like?!” is a question that’s been asked many times and will be asked many more.

So when his place doesn’t send you running for the hills and you’ve decided this one’s a keeper, fast forward to having had the “um, should we move in together...” conversations and your two lives come together that bit closer. Bringing with it your individual styles - part of who you are and who he’s fallen for - in the form of belongings and homewares that tell your story and are the perfect reflection of you.

And, if your styles differ, unlike a flatshare, you’re unlikely to simply agree the solution is living with mis-match furniture and clashing colour palettes. Instead you work to find a mix, of his-and-her belongings, which work. For some lucky style savvy couples, their styles are a perfect match, so much so that the difficulty lies in deciding what doesn’t make the cut, because you honestly love it all and would keep two of everything if you could. For others, it might be more difficult - “But, I’ve had that chair since Uni!”. Yep, it shows. Have you thought about a man cave...

But marriage brings with it not just an exciting new adventure to share with someone we love but often it will also mean the opportunity to share a new home. A new ‘first home’ together where you can create a space that reflects both your love and your personalities, cohesively as one.

And, that’s whereThe Wedding Nest can help. We believe your wedding is the perfect opportunity to style your whole together nest, & our team of in-house stylists can help you create a cohesive look with those ‘must-keep’ items you have collected (separately and together) and pair them beautifully with a range of new beautiful homewares, unique artworks and statement furniture pieces you choose together and both love.

So, seize that one opportunity where people give you gifts to completely style your home together and get it looking like your ‘dream home’ pinterest board, for him and her.

From Contemporary, Boho, Colour, French or Eclectic, every style is catered for here on TWN - style your home. 


Sep 2015
Our 'One Fine Day' Vignette stand ^


It’s been a busy couple of weeks for The Wedding Nest team as fair season kicks of to a flying start.

First up was One Fine Day Sydney wedding fair. Held earlier this month in the Australian Technology Park, the event transformed this already stunning venue into a bridal haven for two days of all the wedding inspiration you could need and it looked a-maz-ing! A real feast for the bridal eyes - we don’t think we’ve ever seen so many beautiful spring blooms in one place! 

There with our sister brand @thewellnest.glow, our stall was transformed into a beautiful vignette showcasing just some of the stunning homeware products available on our registry for you to choose and help bring your pinterest board to life; creating a home that reflects both your love and your personality.

Thanks to everyone who came along and said hello - we loved chatting with you & look forward to helping you create your dream wedding registry soon.

Our stand was also positioned perfectly to enjoy the fabulous bridal catwalk showcasing the most amazing gowns. Oh, ok, and we may have also enjoyed the odd treat thanks to Aria Catering opposite!

Next up was Reed Gift Fair, also in Sydney and this time at the Sydney Exhibition Centre. Armed with our notebooks and cameras Team Wedding Nest hit the fair on a sourcing mission to make sure we bring you all the newest gifts and homewares. And, it didn’t disappoint! Keep your eyes peeled for new products being added to our new seasonal ranges soon. Remember too, if you would like a statement furniture piece added to your registry, we can help source that item for you. Just speak to your Wedding Registry consultant and we’ll get our sourcing hats on!

Two great fairs, loads of inspiration, we already can’t wait for the next one! 

Aug 2015
The Beach People Roundie ^

The Summer Countdown

Is August too early to start talking about summer? Well, it's 'only' 117 days till Summer and while that may seem a little way off, here at The Wedding Nest we think it’s never too soon to start dreaming of picnics on the beach, back yard bbq’s or simply sunset gazing from your balcony with a perfectly chilled glass of rose in hand. 

So, as well as having everything you need to help create inspiring and inviting homes, when it comes to the accompanying outdoor space, we’ve got you covered there too. From a range of hammocks which might transport you back to honeymoon days (not literally, unfortunately!) to pots and planters which will gift your outdoors space as much style as your indoors, there’s everything to make your garden the place to be this summer…and well, the rest of the year too!

If you’re more a sand-in-the-toes kinda outdoor soul then you’ll love the beach people roundie. One of our favourites and sure to make you the envy of other beach goers as you soak up the rays on your oversized and rather gorgeous beach towel.So, why not search our Gift Range ‘Outdoor’ category and let inspiration whisk you away to warmer times and fun in the sun. And if you plan to head in search of some sunshine a little further from home (next Winter perhaps?) then make sure you check out our travel category too.

In the meantime, we’ll be honest, we kinda love Winter too. Any excuse to cosy under the perfect wool blanket or throw, a good book in one hand, a cup of warm coco in the other. 

You'll find more inspiration weekly on our Instagram account @theweddingnest - join us there

Jul 2015

Introducing The Well Nest

Winter sun and breakfast by the beach don’t get much better than when they’re both being enjoyed at the new (& seriously pretty) Boathouse, Shelley Beach. And that’s exactly where we were earlier this month to launch our sister project @thewellnest.glow - an inspiring Instagram account dedicated to the health + fitness + wellness of brides who are keen to use their wedding as a catalyst for long term health lifestyle change.

Guests were invited to find their glow and join us at the stunning location to enjoy an exquisite three course healthy breakfast. Between courses we were delighted to be joined by clinical nutritionist, author, wellness blogger and self-confessed health nut! Jessica Sepel. During a Q&A session, Jessica shared her top health tips and, having recently become engaged to fiancé Dean Steingold, her top bride-to-be tips too!

Her top tip for glowing brides-to-be? Less stress, more rest! Jessica reminded us that it’s important to rest when we can. Early nights, yoga, massage, whatever works for you to help you relax and find your glow. Where possible, prioritise time for those things, they’re important and we know you’re definitely worth it. 

After a delicious breakfast in the most perfect of locations with fabulous company, the Wedding Nest team were feeling perfectly rested, inspired… and full! 

A big thank you to everyone who joined us and of course to our very special partners for making the first ‘Find Your Glow’ event such a success:

Kate O’Shea of The Wedding Showcase, the team at The Boathouse, Music duo DUKE, Videographers The Story of Us, Pressed Juices & Santa Vittoria Water

We’re so excited about what’s to come @thewellnest.glow and can't wait to have you join our growing community.

Join us @thewellnest.glow on Instagram today and get ready to find your glow with 30 Day Challenges - the first of which will be starting very soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

(Jessica Sepel, Kate O’Shea, Zoe Dent, Jacqui Scruby. Photo Credit: @lillikadphotography)